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Our goal is to provide an interior and exterior painting service that will make your home unique.

We have experience in coordinating the appropriate coatings and we help you choose the color of your room.

Having a clear and fresh look, your property will have a higher value.

Paint-brush  offers full paint service interior and exterior, painting services for residential and commercial customers. We can provide a quality painting job at a fair price to all our customers in a timely manner.

Paint-brush ensures that you get high quality paint for your home or business.

We offer free evaluation and completion of all jobs at work. 

Toronto Painting Services

Interior House Painting

Exterior House Painting

Wall Painting

Celling Painting

Trim Painting

Condominium maintenance painting

All residential painting

All commercial painting

Underground Parking Painting

Plaster and drywall installation

Wood staining

Wallpaper  removal